At Royal Tree Gardens, we're always working hard to bring you the best bud. Here's a quick look at what we're doing behind the scenes.



Genetics are one of our main priorities. Growing great cannabis is a result of many different factors, but one can only can maximize a strain so much with nutrient and environmental influences. It takes great genetics to grow great cannabis. Here at Royal Tree Gardens we have over 80 unique strains of high quality cannabis that have been hand selected by our Master Growers. 



Taking cuts (clones) from mother plants guarantees a direct genetic copy; insuring that all cuts will have the same physical characteristics (phenotypes) and sex (female) as the mother plant they are taken from. When cuts are taken they are dipped into a rooting hormone and placed into a propagation reservoir where over the next two weeks they will grow and develop their initial root systems. A healthy root system is imperative in giving the young plant the best possible start in life.


3  |  VEG

When cuts have developed robust root systems, they are transferred from the propagation reservoirs and potted into 2 gallon pots. They are then placed in a room with 24 hours of light thus beginning the vegetative cycle of their lives. During the first two weeks, plants remain in 2 gallon pots. This allows them to develop a dense mass of roots in a small area aiding in better nutrient uptake. They are topped and trained in order to shape the plant and expose as many bud sites as possible to the maximum amount of light. Once they have reached the appropriate size, they are transplanted into 5 gallon pots where they will spend the remainder of their life cycle.


4  |  FLOWER

After 4 weeks of 24 hour light, plants reach their optimal size and shape for flowering. Flowering is induced by switching the light cycle (photo period) to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. A typical flowering cycle for cannabis is 7-9 weeks long with some strains going as long as 12 weeks.

Plants are transported and placed into flowering rooms where they will continue to grow vigorously for the first two weeks; doubling sometimes tripling in size. During this time, plants are trained, trimmed and maneuvered to expose as many bud sites as possible.

At two weeks, the plant transitions and all of its energy is allocated towards producing flowers. It is important to not stress the plants at all during these crucial six weeks. At Royal Tree Gardens we pride ourselves on making sure the plants are free from environmental, chemical (nutrient) and physical stress.

During the final two weeks of flowering, plants are given only water (flush). Any build-up of nutrients and residual salts are flushed from plant tissues insuring the cleanest possible burn and taste during consumption. When flowers are fully ripened it is time for harvest.



Whole plants are cut from the base and hung upside down in our processing area. Water Leaves, also known as Fan Leaves, are removed from the individual plants allowing for the appropriate amount of air flow during drying.

Plants are then hung upside down in drying rooms where humidity and temperature are meticulously monitored and controlled. When ideal moisture content is achieved, usually 7-10 days, remaining smaller leaves (sugar leaves) are removed from the flowers and saved for processing. 

At Royal Tree Gardens, we have a dedicated team that hand trims all of our product maintaining optimal quality through minimal handling. When flowers are fully trimmed they are removed from the stems and placed in bins to cure.


6  |  CURE

Curing is the final process in producing high quality cannabis. During this process, dried flowers are kept in small air-tight containers in complete darkness. In these conditions, aerobic bacteria come to life and begin to break down excess chlorophyll resulting in a much smoother smoke that is less harsh on the throat and tastier on the pallet.

To begin the curing process, dried flower is placed into smaller air-tight bins. Bins are opened periodically to allow any excess moisture and humidity to escape. At Royal Tree Gardens this is done over the course of a few weeks and sometimes can be done over the course of a few months. 



When product is deemed ready, it is time for it to be packaged. Final product that makes it into our jars is hand selected by our team. Only the highest quality dried flowers make the cut. All other flowers are set aside for joints or further processing.

After product is packaged, we deliver to our many retail partners across Washington state for your enjoyment!